“Rx27 is more of you and your deeper punk desires, proactively seeking that one touch of vibrance and rebelliousness.”- Come Here Floyd


“Loaded with compositional rawness, a stimulating guitar work and some of the most contagious voices”.-Velvety


“Punk with a side of classic Goth rock tossed in.”-La on Lock


“Edgy sound that mixes in elements of metal, hardcore, and hard rock-“STGA


“Infectious spooky vibe and Horror Punk aesthetic”- RnR Fables


“All the bells and whistles of great loud music”-Reignland


“Sexy as it is uncompromising”-Melt Reviews


“The best of the punk and goth genres and fill the hole with their own experiences, corners and edges.-Dark Life Experience


“Rx27’s Sophomore Single is a Punk Anthem-Rock the Pigeon


“This is love, sex, and death punk rock style”-Rocknyc live


4 out of 5 stars-Eat this metal


Cool Scuzzy Death rock-Queen city sound and art  


This is a track loaded with energy! really kickass, vocals  "thrown" at the 

listener , a great amount of sassy, against-the-system attitude. .-KMS


The gritty and intensity of this song is brilliant! It's a wild ride!-Common Sense blog


With their goth-punk lyrics and relentless energy, it seems like big thing are to come from Rx27-STGA


Hit  the sweet spot from the very beginning with a combination of feverish goth guitars, punchy percussion and catchy vocal interplay. A perfect place to stop for a post-punk top-up.-Beatbox Saboteurs


Rock in viens-direct-adirect-actu


This group of L.A. misfits and outsiders make the kind of music today that would easily sound right at home on that (iconic 

album alongside greats like The Cramps, The Damned, and T.S.O.L.-Rock n Roll Fables


There's a raw and rich energy the vocals and arrangement, vibe of danger and sensuality-Analogue Trash


There is a kinetic energy here at first that breaks out into all out punk rage before we can even affix our safety pin. The dual vocals are a departure giving the track a certain ragged stage musical presence.Fiery stuff.-mp3hugger


Raucous slice of punk with raw vocals over a compelling guitar with rhythmic intensity and tons of attitude-Velvety


The attitude really stands out here, with a frantic style that seizes the listener and refuses to let go-Various small flames


Rx27 Makes Incredible Debut With The Impactful Single -Buzzmusic